So why visit Uruguay? 

Some interesting facts that will help you decide!


Uruguay, squeezed between Argentina and Brazil and boardering on the Atlantic Ocean, is the second smallest country in South America in terms of land area.

(For those of you wondering: The smallest country in South America is Suriname on the Carribean Coast. French Guayana does not count as ¨country¨ because it is a French oversea-territory and Guyana - another quite unknown country next to Suriname is bigger :-) ).

The whole country has only about 3.3 million inhabitants and approximately 40% of the population lives in Montevideo (pronounced Monn-tay-vee-day-o), the capital.


  • More than 12 million grass-fed cows live in Uruguay - prepare for some juicy steaks!

  • The ancestors of the majority of Uruguayos came from Italy, Spain and the French Basque Country, so it´s no surprise that Uruguay produces some excellent wines! The Uruguayan ¨signature¨-grape is called TANNAT.

  • Uruguay has 670 km /416 mi of coast line - 450 km/280 mi are along the River Plate, 220 km/136 mi along the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Uruguay is one of the most progressive countries in South America: since 2013 same-sex marriage, abortion and marihuana are legal.

  • Almost all Uruguayos drink the caffein-containing ¨mate¨- pronounced ¨ma-tay¨ -  tea! Although the drink is also popular in Argentina and Southern Brazil, many Uruguayos take it to the extreme and take their mate-gourd and thermos flask everywhere they go. Trying the infusion and learning about its rituals is a definitive must during your stay!

  • From the end of January until the beginning of March, Uruguay celebrates the longest Carnival Competition in the world! :-) 


  • Uruguay is still quite ¨off-the-beaten-track¨ for Non-Southamerican visitors and you can still experience authentic cultural events such as the Uruguayan Carnival, Tango Milongas, Gaucho Festivals etc.

  • Uruguay is one of the safest Southamerican countries.


is roughly the size of Wisconsin or Missouri, approximately half the size of Germany and has about 3.3 million inhabitants.


In terms of traveling, Uruguay is still one of South America´s best kept secrets: Although the country does not have a ¨must see¨ tourist attraction, no Machu Picchu or Iguassu Falls, its people and their culture make Uruguay a ¨must experience¨country!


Uruguayans are very friendly and welcoming and love to share their culture with visitors. There are many Uruguayan events and traditions: the Uruguayan Carnival, Tango Milongas, Gaucho-Festivals etc., that are organized by - and most importantly - for the locals and are not staged for tourists – offering you a great opportunity to experience the true Uruguayan culture, the auténtico way!


We organize authentic experiences in Montevideo, Uruguay, for tour groups and private travelers, and there is a lot more to come! :) Check out the tours below or, if you are looking for a private, personalized and authentic travel arrangement for your time in Uruguay, contact us directly. 

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