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About Uruguay Auténtico...

My name is Christine - I am half German, half U.S.-American and a proud legal resident of Uruguay since 2010. I have fallen in love with Montevideo and Uruguay and I want you to experience the country's biggest attraction: its people and its authenticity!

Having worked more than 4 years in an incoming tourism agency, selling and organizing travel itineraries throughout South America to European and U.S. American clients, I have reached the conclusion that I want to go an alternative path and offer more "authentic" and less "touristy" experiences to travelers coming to Uruguay.

Getting to know a country is learning about its culture, its customs and of course its important landmarks. I am a certified tour guide, but I will not show you only the "classic" sights - you will learn about the Uruguayan traditions, passions and the everyday life in Uruguay to get the full experience.

Follow my Facebook page and/or Instagram account (Uruguay_Autentico) to keep up to date on what's going on in Montevideo and the rest of the country throughout the year and gather inspiration regarding what you would like to experience during your stay in Uruguay.

Some quick facts about travelling to Uruguay:

Best time to visit: November - March, the Uruguayan spring and summer.

The very best time in my opinion is the middle/end of February! You can experience the Uruguayan Carnival and also enjoy the Uruguayan Atlantic Coast where prices will drop considerarbly* towards the end of February. 

*Compared to the high season from mid-December to January.

Great places to visit: Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento, the Atlantic Coast (Punta del Este, La Pedrera, Cabo Polonio etc.) , Estancias (ranches) and ¨Establecimientos Rurales¨ (smaller farms) in the ¨interior¨ of the country.

Great things to do:  Get to know the Palacio Salvo, Montevideo´s most iconic building, experience Carnival, explore the fine Uruguayan wines and try the red signature grape ¨Tannat¨.

For further information on travelling to Uruguay, checkout The site is run by my friend Karen Higgs who has also published great guide books.