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We are specialized in  private culture-oriented tours in and arround Montevideo , the capital of Uruguay. But we also offer customized private tours such as visits to Tango milongas, wineries, nature tours or day tours to the Atlantic Coast. Just contact us and let us know your interests!


 This season 2017/2018 we are organizing a weekly group-walking-tour (maximum 10 participants) including a guided tour of the Palacio Salvo and the Carnival Museum.

Every once in a while we also organize other themed group tours and group events.  


„Christine is an absolute delight. Extra- ordinarily knowledgeable, she managed to impart vast amounts of her knowledge without ever losing her infectious enthusiasm.“ 

Read the complete review and more on our TripAdvisor page! 

Our Private Tours

= Also available for Cruise Passengers :-)

IMPORTANT: Carnival events (including rehearsals) take place from mid-December to the beginning of March! 

There are NO special events during the official carnival holidays (12. - 13.02.2018)

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Montevideo Walking Tour - approx. 2,5-3h

  • Walking Tour through the Historic Center of Montevideo, including visit of the Mercado del Puerto.

  • 1h-visit of the Palacio Salvo, Montevideo´s most iconic building (the one on the picture!).

  • Guided tour of the Carnival Museum.

  • Mate Tasting, etc.

Complete City Exploration - approx. 4-4,5h

  • Tour with private transprotation, driving by the Rambla & the beaches.

  • Visit of Historic Center of Montevideo including visit of the Mercado del Puerto and the Carnival Museum.

  • 1h-visit of the Palacio Salvo, Montevideo´s most iconic building.

  • Visit of the Mercado Agricola, a covered market hall,

  • Mate Tasting etc.

Travel Uruguay
Travel Uruguay

Experience the Uruguayan Carnival: Murga! 

January - February

  • Tablado Tours during the Carnival Competition: January 27th - March 4th 2018!

  • Rehearsal Tours from January 5th - January 24th 2018!

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Private Tour - Experience the Uruguayan Carnival: Candombe!

April - October on Saturdays

  • Private tours available during almost the whole year on Saturdays - Group tours available in December and January!

  • UNESCO intangible World Heritage!

Our Group Tours & Events 2017/2018

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  • Exclusive guided tour of the Palacio Salvo, of the Carnival Museum and of the Hisotic Center, Mate-Tasting and interesting info on Uruguayan culture and traditions.

  • Guaranteed with 4 participants, max. 10 participans per tour

  • Price: 35 USD per person.

  • From November 25th 2017 until December 30th SATURDAYS

  • January - March 14th 2018 WEDNESDAYS

Travel Uruguay
Travel Uruguay

Group Tour - Experience the Uruguayan Carnival: Candombe!

December and January on Saturdays

  • Guided tour of the Carnival Museum

  • Public bus ride to the Casa Cultural of the Candombe Group

  • Visit of the Casa Cultural and experience of the outdoor rehearsal of the Candombe Group.

  • Price: 30 USD per person.

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Saturday, March 17th -  4.30 P.m.

Explore the Pocitos neighbourhood through its architecture! 

Nowadays, Pocitos has many high rises dating from the second half of the last century. But this part of town started out as a European style beach resort and there are still some impressive remnants left from its glitzy past! 

Duration: Approximately 1.5 - 2h

Price: 350 Uruguayan pesos (approx. 12.50 USD) per person

Min. Group size: 4 participants 

Meeting Point: Plaza Gomensoro, Pocitos, Montevideo

If it rains, the tour will be cancelled and rescheduled.