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Explore THE most iconic building in Montevideo - The Palacio Salvo!

The Palacio Salvo is located on a corner of the Plaza Independencia, in the heart of Montevideo. It was inaugurated in 1928 and was the highest building in South America until 1935.

Initially, the Palacio Salvo was planned as a Grand Hotel - but the hotel was not successfull and the hotel rooms were turned into apartments.

Today, more than 1000 people live in the Palacio Salvo, often called a ¨vertical neighbourhood¨.

The Palacio Salvo has a (fraternal) twin-brother in Buenos Aires, the Palacio Barolo (Av. de Mayo 1370), that was desgined by the same Italian architect, Mario Palanti.

During the complete tour of the building, you will visit the viewing deck on the 25th floor from where you will be able to enjoy a stunning view (approx. 90°) of Montevideo's Historic Center, the "Ciudad Vieja".

Afterwards, you will visit the roof top of the 10th floor and will get to know some other areas of the building where you can catch a glimpse of how people are living in the Palacio Salvo nowadays. 

At the same time you will learn about the history of the Salvo Family and will hear anecdotes about the building - Ghost story included!


50 MIN
EXPERIENCE Palacio Salvo!
Option 1: Complete tour                                                                    7,00 USD per person

Start: Every Wednesday 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00 (until the end of March)

Duration: 50 minutes approx.

Difficulty: Medium - You have to climb two sets of stairs and a short ladder to reach the viewing deck and descend 3-4 flights of stairs. 

Languages: Spanish, English and German. 


If you speak/understand Spanish, there are complete tours offered every day at 11, 12 and 13h including on weekends.


If you don´t have a lot of time and only want to check out the view from the viewing deck on the 25th floor, we also have a tour for you!


Start: Every Day at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30(until the end of March)

Duration: 20 minutes approx.

Difficulty: Medium - You have to climb two sets of stairs and a short ladder to reach the viewing deck

Languages: This tour is not operated with a tour guide - a Spanish speaking assistant will take you up to the viewing deck. 

20 MIN
EXPERIENCE Palacio Salvo!
Option 2: Viewing Deck Only                                                   3,50 USD per person


Montevideo, Uruguay

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