Jeff Rasley

...Experience Uruguay the auténtico way!

Complete City Exploration Montevideo - approx. 4-4,5h

Palacio Salvo, Plaza Idependencia

Mercado Agrícola

Pocitos Beach

Explore the sights of the city and learn about Uruguay´s history, culture and traditions!


We will start off the tour with a complete visit of the Palacio Salvo, Montevideo´s most iconic building located on Plaza Independencia: We will visit the viewing deck on the 25th floor, the roof top terrace of the 10th floor and will also explore the interior of the impressive building, that was originally meant to operate as a luxury hotel.

Afterwards we will continue our walk to see the most important sights of the Ciudad Vieja such as the Plaza Independencia, the Solis Theatre (just from the outside) and the Constitution Square with the cathedral.

We then continue to the ¨Mercado Agricola¨, a beautiful restored market hall close to the Legislative Palace. At the market you will learn about Uruguayan customs and traditions and will have the opportunity to try some ¨mate¨ - pronounced ma-tay - the Uruguayan national ¨coffee substitute¨.

Afterwards, we will drive past the Centenario Soccer Stadium, where the first FIFA World Cup was held in 1930 - and won by the Uruguayan National Team. You will learn all about the Uruguayos´ passion for soccer before we head down to the Rambla, the 14 mile long promenade along the river Río de la Plata.

After a photo-stop we will head back to the port area and another highlight will be a guided tour through the Carnival Museum to get an insight into Uruguay´s unique carnival culture.

The tour will end at the Mercado del Puerto, an old market hall filled with BBQ-restaurants - a great place for a typical Uruguayan BBQ-lunch (not included in the tour). If you would like to have lunch here, we can help you order.

Optional: Wine-tasting (3 wines) at a little wine-bar in the port area (approx. 1h).

The majority of Uruguayans have Spanish, French Basque or Italian roots. Therefore, it is not surprising that wine plays an important role in Uruguay´s culture! There are many – often family-run  wineries close to Montevideo that produce excellent wines. ¨Tannat¨, a

full-bodied red wine, is Uruguay´s signature grape. Explore the world of Uruguayan wines in a wine tasting


  • 1 Solo-Traveler: 280 US-Dollars

  • 2 Travelers: 145 US-Dollars per person

  • For price info for bigger groups, please send as an email. 

  • Optional Wine-tasting: The wine tasting will cost between 20 and 35 USD per person. If you are interested in the tasting, please let us know and we will send you the applicable price for your visit. 

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