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...Experience Uruguay the auténtico way!

Torch-Lit Walking Tour in Ciudad Vieja- Al Pie de la muralla!

 approx. 1,5-2h

Explore the remains of Montevideo´s old city fortifications!

This walking tour is a collaboration between the cultural Center "Al Pie de la Muralla" and Uruguay Auténtico.

Montevideo was founded as a military settlement in order to stop the Portuguese expansion in the area: there was a citadel - a small fortress - on present day Plaza Independencia and a double city wall leading from the bay of Montevideo to the River Plate on the other side of the península. 

When Uruguay reached its independence in 1828, the locals wanted a clear ¨break¨ with the colonial history and also needed to expand the city. They therefore decided to tear down the old city walls.

But there still are some original parts of the city fortifications left nowadays and also some parts that have been reconstructed.


After a short introduction in the cultural center, we will head out with torches to see the remains and learn about Montevideo´s early history!


At the end of the tour, we will visit the cultural center and will experience a short ¨accoustic theatre¨ to send you back in time and imagin life in colonial Montevideo. 

Price: 350 Uruguayan pesos (approx. 12.50 USD) per person

Duration: Approximately 1.5 - 2h

Distance: approx. 1.5 km/1 mi

Min. Group size: 4 participants, max. 15 participants

Meeting Point: Al Pie de la Muralla, Bartolomé Mitre 1464, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo


If it rains, the tour will be cancelled and rescheduled.

For reservations and any questions you might like to have answered, just send an e-mail including your desired tour date to: or just fill out the contact form below: